The Four-Lane Comes to North Grenville

the four-lane comes to north grenville
A scrapbook / storybook of how they built Highway 416 – the Veterans Memorial Highway.

From the surveyor’s stakes to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, this book tells how a modern four-lane is built. The complex planning and construction process is told in a simple way that is easy for readers of all ages to follow. Artist Linda Myers’ simple black-and-white illustrations are the perfect complement to the text. Accompanying the main story are side-bars filled with construction trivia and interesting historical facts. Perfect for kids or adults.

Size: 7” x 10” (softcover)
Pages: 24 + cover
(Full-colour cover, b+w inside)
Cost: $10.00, plus $15.00 shipping
(small parcel, Canada Post, 3 days)
Total: $25.00 plus HST = $28.25 CAD
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