Tales From The General Store

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Tales from the General Store is specifically the story of Bishop’s Mills, but will be of interest to anyone curious about life in a small village. It includes eye-witness accounts of major events such as the Cheese Factory explosion, and the Great Fire of 1943, as well as many photos and illustrations never before published. Tom Graham’s seven years behind the counter has provided him a unique perspective from which to capture the many tales that have been part of the oral tradition in this community, documented here for the first time.

A must-have for local residents, visitors and people interested in local history. This book will be invaluable to newcomers, plus families and individuals wishing to know more about this small but resilient community.

“…a remarkable piece of work…” David Bishop, Great-great-grandson of Chauncey Bishop

Size: 8.5” x 8.5” (softcover)
Pages: 200 (Full-colour cover, b+w inside)
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