How to Take a 3-Minute Shower

how to take a 3 minute shower
Worried about the long-term effects of over-use of water? Looking for ways to make a difference - think globally - act locally? Got a teenager who spends too much time in the shower? You need a copy of “How to take a 3 minute shower...and other things one person can do to conserve water”, by local author Theo Graham.

Using simple graphics to illustrate each point, the book is a good reminder that conservation - especially water conservation - is something we should ALL pay attention to, and that there is always something we can do about it. Instead of just reading about it, you can act on it.

Size: 4” x 5.5” (softcover)
Pages: 20 (Full-colour cover, b+w inside)
Cost: $3.00 plus s&h, and HST