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Four-Lane Comes to North Grenville

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416 Book Still Available!

North Grenville - A book of historic and economic significance to Grenville County is still available. The Four-Lane Comes to North Grenville - How they built the Veterans Memorial Highway published by Kemptville-based company Habit Five Publishing, is available by special order (see contact, below).

For two years before the Highway was officially opened in 1999, the North Grenville home-educating family of Tom Graham and Jeanne Lambert - with their then 13-year-old son, Theo - documented the construction process of the new highway 416. From the surveyors’ stakes to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, this book tells how a modern four-lane is built.

The complex planning and construction process is told in a simple way that is easy for readers of all ages to follow. Artist Linda Myers’ simple black-and-white illustrations are the perfect complement to the text. Accompanying the main story are side-bars filled with construction trivia and interesting historical facts.

In addition, a final section includes comments by local residents affected by the new highway. These thoughtful comments paint a picture of a growing, caring community literally at a crossroads - looking to the challenges the future will bring, while striving to preserve its rural qualities.

The book has received rave reviews. Ottawa Valley journalist Tom Van Dusen says the book is "Charming and practical. A tremendous family feat...and a fun read to boot!" Joe Morin of the Kemptville Advance feels that "Parents and kids will enjoy this book. It works for everyone." For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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