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Town of Renfrew gets New Brand


Town of Renfrew recently announced its new brand refresh for the Community. “The logo sets us part from other surrounding communities,” stated Councillor Arlene Jamieson, Chair of the Economic Development Committee. “It gives us a strong identity and allows us to be unique and competitive in our attraction efforts.”

“The new logo will help the Town in several ways”, said Tom Graham, of TD Graham + Associates. “First, the new brand presents the Town as an attractive, modern community looking to grow, while preserving its heritage and celebrating its past. But perhaps as importantly, the new logo will make promotion and signage much easier, with a clear and legible name. As municipalities begin to adopt accessibility (AODA) guidelines for their communities, having a readable logo is one of the first steps. The Town of Renfrew has taken this step.”

Check it out on Renfrew’s new website.

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