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  • Our new promotional materials have been key to getting the waste diversion...

    Chris Turnbull
    Committee Member
    North Grenville Waste Reduction

    Building community by shopping locally.

    Step #4 – Make It Easy to Do Business With You.

    Make it easy for your customers to buy what your selling. Customers respond to companies that make life a little easier for them.


    Leeds Grenville sets the stage for growth. Sharing successes – and challenges – is the first step.

    Step #2 – Develop A Marketing Attitude.

    Marketing is 90% attitude and 10 % technique. Changing your results means changing your thinking as well as your actions.


    Ryan’s Well Foundation – started by a concerned 7-year-old – has made a difference in the lives of thousands of people, through the gift of water.

    Step #3 – Do the Research: Know your Customers.

    Learn all you can about your customers and prospects. Find out what they’re looking for. Make sure your product or service meets their needs.


    Economic development takes stamina and persistence. But there are rewards.

    Step #1 – Understand How Marketing Fits In.

    Successful organizations take a holistic, integrated view of marketing, recognizing that marketing is part of everything they do.

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Welcome to TD Graham

25th Anniversary Edition

TD Graham + Associates started back in 1989 with one goal in mind: “To contribute to our clients’ growth and success by transforming their vision through creative and effective marketing communications.”

You – our clients, partners, collaborators and co-conspirators over the past quarter century – have been awesome.

With you, we’ve designed and implemented marketing projects that have stood out, made a difference, changed behaviours, won awards, increased membership, attracted investment, brought results – and built relationships.

We're here to help you tell your story, build relationships – and generate results.