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  • Hi Tom – I just wanted to touch base and say thanks again to you, Robyn and...

    Geoff McVey
    Forest Manager
    Counties of Leeds & Grenville

    Building community by shopping locally.

    Step #4 – Make It Easy to Do Business With You.

    Make it easy for your customers to buy what your selling. Customers respond to companies that make life a little easier for them.


    Kemptville’s annual Dandelion Festival draws thousands – culture and recreation are valuable assets to a community.

    Step #12 – Stay Connected: Build the Relationship.

    Genuine dialogue leads to...stronger relationships, which lead to... increased trust, which leads to... reduced risk for your customer, which leads to... better business!


    Ryan’s Well Foundation – started by a concerned 7-year-old – has made a difference in the lives of thousands of people, through the gift of water.

    Step #3 – Do the Research: Know your Customers.

    Learn all you can about your customers and prospects. Find out what they’re looking for. Make sure your product or service meets their needs.


    Ferguson Forest Centre: two and a half million trees sold each year, promoted through an integrated suite of marketing tools – web, vehicle wrap, advertising and signage.

    Step #5 – Market With Ceaseless Consistency.

    Marketing never sleeps. Be consistent in all your communications and your brand personality will grow. It takes time: stick with it.

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Welcome to TD Graham

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TD Graham + Associates started back in 1989 with one goal in mind: “To contribute to our clients’ growth and success by transforming their vision through creative and effective marketing communications.”

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